Gaining Weight on Birth Control Pills – Truth or Fiction?

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Sudden Weight Gain From Birth Control Pills?

weight gain on birth control pills

In case you´ve ever taken oral contraceptives – or thought of taking them – you´ve may need puzzled if you’ll gain weight. In spite of everything, your bestie laments that she gained 11 kilos after taking the capsule in school, and your work colleague swears that her breasts swelled up double their dimension simply after a few months taking them.

However whereas there are various myths surrounding weight gain from contraception drugs are rife amongst ladies, actuality is that there isn´t analysis which assist these claims.

A evaluation from 2014 managed 49 research and noticed no distinction in weight gain between ladies on the contraceptive patch or the capsule and ladies who didn´t take it. Researches even examined materials evaluating types of capsule and located no proof that one was roughly prone to set off weight gain than one other.

Nonetheless, added kilos nonetheless stay one amongst ladies´s largest worries about contraception – extra so so that a 2016 examine of the Penn State School of medicine examine concluded that it had been driving some ladies´s selections. Preserve studying to search out out extra data on weight gain from contraception drugs.



Weight Gain From Birth Control Drugs: Reality or Fiction?

Like every city delusion, this one includes a whiff of reality. When start drugs had been first invented throughout the Nineteen Sixties, they contained very excessive ranges of each estrogen and progestin — up to five instances the amount of what’s in contraceptives as we speak. In excessive doses, these hormones can trigger weight achieve as a result of they trigger fluid retention, which lastly ends up therein bloated, difficulty-buttoning-up-your-pants feeling.

There’s additionally some proof that progestin could enhance urge for food. However whereas this would possibly are the norm 50 years in the past, as we speak’s low-hormone drugs ought to have minimal, if any, such results.

You additionally don’t should fear for those who’re on most progestin-only types of contraception, together with the mini capsule or a progestin implant or IUD. A 2016 evaluation of twenty-two research concluded that there was little proof of weight gain in ladies utilizing these merchandise in contrast with these utilizing different contraception strategies.

The only exception? The progestin-only Depo-Provera shot, which is run each three months to cease ovulation. One College of Texas examine discovered that girls who used this methodology gained a imply of 11 kilos and elevated their physique fats by 3.4 % over three years.

Additionally they had been about twice as doubtless as ladies taking different non-hormonal or hormonal strategies to develop into obese.


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How To Lose Weight Gained From Birth Control Drugs?

In case you’ve skilled some average weight gain (4 to 11 kilos) because you’ve on the capsule, discuss to your physician. There are ladies who’re very delicate to estrogen and might achieve some water weight from fluid retention.

In lots of circumstances, this fades by itself after about three months. If it doesn’t, you will change to the contraception drugs Yaz, Yasmin, or Beyaz. All three comprise a particular type of progesterone, drospirenone, which acts type of a diuretic and helps get obviate additional fluid.

You may also at all times change to a completely hormone-free, long-term contraception like the ParaGard IUD, which makes use of copper to cease fertilization.

If somebody feels a contraceptive capsule is responsile for sudden weight reduction, so long as she has one other good contraceptive measure as an possibility, it’s completely tremendous for her to solely uncover and see how she does.

In any other case, she could have fairly a few additional kilos to assume about.


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Experiencing Weight Loss when on Birth Control

Some research discovered the contraceptive capsule, in reality, has been tied to weight reduction from contraception drugs as a substitute of weight achieve from contraception drugs. One examine out of the Oregon Nationwide Primate analysis heart of rhesus macaque monkey, discovered that the thick little monkeys truly misplaced 8,3% of their physique weight as soon as they had been positioned on contraception capsule.

Examine leaders concluded that this examine suggests thta worries about gaining weight when on the contraceptive capsule seem like primarily based extra on fantasy than on reality.

Nonetheless, that is what the “consultants” say. However we determined to speak to actual ladies who’ve used contraceptive drugs to provide some actual life suggestions on the negative effects:


  • “Breast sensitivity was a significant facet impact. I´ve used to maintain my bra on and was once sleeping with it as a approach to maintain the ache as minimal as attainable. I lastly had to change drugs,” defined Caren, 28. “I didn’t discover any weight gain. If something, I misplaced weight as a result of I was once so miserably in ache that I didn’t need to eat.”


  • “I had weight gain by six kilos, all situated throughout the hips and bust,” Maria, 33, advised
  • “Have been on the Tablet on and off since I was in highschool and it’s laborious to determine what’s regular weight achieve over time and what could are from contraception drugs alone,” stated Amanda, 29. “Loestin is my product of alternative, as a result of the I made good experiences with the low dose. The foremost notable negative effects are GOOD ones — lighter durations and considerably much less intense PMS.”


  • Sheila, 36, additionally didn’t see any weight gain, however did expertise one other precarious facet impact of the Tablet: “All types of the Tablet I even have tried have made me emotionally delicate.”


However what it actually entails to do, like different drugs, is trial and error. Preserve an open thoughts and understand it would possibly take two or three totally different manufacturers of contraception drugs earlier than you uncover the one that matches .


Weight Gain on Birth Control: Conclusion

Though there isn´t analysis which backs up these claims, actual life opinions nonetheless present that there have to be some reality. We at have a tendency to provide actual life opinions rather more consideration than on research carried out by consultants.

We will see an analogous phenomena within the realm of antidepressants, the place there additionally aren´t any science backed research which conclude that taking antidepressants lead to weight gain, however the Web is filled with actual life opinions of people that gained weight simply after beginning a antidepressant therapy.

Have you ever skilled weight gain from contraception drugs? Tell us within the feedback under.

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