So in today's video, I share my experience after trying the kpop diet for a week. I didn't do the extreme diets that these kpop stars did, but instead I made a few modifications to it so that I was eating sufficient and well. I actually did this diet more than 3 weeks ago now and i did it for a duration of a week.

There was a lot of footage filmed over a week and a lot of commentary I had to condense so just to iterate the main point of this video is that extreme kpop diets are DANGEROUS. You do not need to go to extreme measures to lose weight. If you watch the video to the end, you can see the weight I loss even though I ate in much higher quantities than them, but yet was still able to lose weight, and on top of that, I didn't risk damaging my metabolism or going into a yoyo diet effect after it ended. Going to extreme measures in extreme kpop diets will do your body more harm than good.

I lost more than 1kg in 2 days because of of all the water weight disappearing during the first couple of days, then after that it was a little bit more water weight and fat.

I highly recommend anyone who's having trouble or have questions with dieting to see a dietitian as it's important to get professional help. I don't think these kpop diets like the IU diet, SNSD diet, or Jimin diet are sustainable and are extremely risky to your body.


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