How To Lose Weight Or Build Lean Muscles

How To Lose Weight | Or Gain Lean Muscles | Full day of eating |


Hey guys! So a lot of you guys have been asking me how I track macros and what I normally eat when I workout. Here's a video including both of that. I started tracking macros earlier this year and got more relaxed a few months ago. I started tracking again last month since I am trying to gain some lean muscles and I've talked about this briefly one of my previous videos. I am not super strict with my macros. I don't track little things like two strawberries, or a cup of almond milk. It is so minor that I don't get worried about it. Also there are days that I don't track fully because sometimes we slack haha. So don't freak out about not tracking 100% of the time. We eat out, we have a life. It's all about balance and what makes you happy. Again it is really fast to track especially if they are the things that you eat regularly. You can just add it to your favourites. Right now I try to eat at least around 200g carbs a day when i'm exercising and my calories intake per day is around 1800. It can be extremely challenging to keep track when I'm travelling so I bring some energy bars with me wherever I go. Just in case I can't find food!

Also I don't cook fancy meals everyday. Today is one of those days that I don't have time to prepare my meals because I have quite a bit of work to do before my Japan trip so I was mostly on my computer all day working. Sometimes I prep my meals for a few days so that it is more time efficient. One more thing! This is how I eat on that particular day. I am just giving you an idea of what I eat one that one day. You can always change it up, make it more delicious or eat out. haha. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this video! Also in regards to losing weight, i've talked about being on calories deficit and tracking macros to lose weight in one of my older videos. I got a lot of comments that is unhealthy to count calories. The truth is if you are losing weight you ARE on calories deficit (whether you count your calories or track your macros or not). The reasons why some of us count calories and track macros is because we want to minimise muscle loss, especially in the fitness industry. We want to keep as much muscles as we can while cutting. Also being too low in deficit will probably cause more muscle loss than intended so keeping track of calories and macros helps with that. Hope all that makes sense. 🙂

As always thanks so much for watching! Appreciate the support!

The curry chicken recipe:
1 onion
2 tsp of garlic
A couple of tablespoons of Mild Curry Powder (3-5)
1kg of chicken breast
100g Coconut milk
1 can of diced tomato or 400g of tomatoes


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