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Hi guys! First of all thank you so so so much for 80k subscribers. I really appreciate all the support! So many of you guys have requested another “Do it with me” workout video and so I recorded this little workout yesterday! I was so sore from the my leg workout and also my back/arms/shoulder workout. I really pushed myself at the gym this week! So when I recorded this video, I was like ughh my back and arms are sore, my legs and glutes are sore too. I was like, damn it why did i choose to record it today. lol

So yeah as I’ve said in my video (If you didn’t watch until the end of the video), a lot of you guys asked me about how to get abs definition, flat stomach, lose belly fats etc, and whether it is sufficient to do my abs exercise routine and get abs definition. It really depends on whether you have much fats around your abdominal area. If you don’t have much fats, then you will see the defintion very quickly. But if you have loads of fats, then you have to do some sort of cardio. HIIT cardio is my fav, but you can always opt for running, swimming and etc. Also diet plays a very important part in getting flat stomach. So try to eat clean!

Hope you enjoyed today’s video and if you’re reading this. Do this exercise with me now! haha love ya.


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