Baked Potato Diet (2022) | Fad Diet Or Good For Weight Loss?

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Overview Baked Potato Weight-reduction plan

baked potato diet

The Baked potato food regimen — or potato hack food regimen — is a short-term mono food regimen that claims to convey fast weight reduction. Although there are much of variations circling round, essentially the most generic model claims that will help you lose as much as one pound (0,45kg) each day by eaeting nothing extra however plain bake potatoes. It’s well-known that potatoes are a very good supply of vitamins, however you absolutely got here right here to see whether or not consuming them may help you in your weight reduction efforts.

On this article we reply questions like: “How does potatoes assist you drop extra pounds”, “Are baked potatos good for weight reduction”, “Are you able to drink espresso on the potato food regimen” and “Are you able to eat greens on the potato food regimen”. This text critiques the professionals and cons of the baked potato food regimen and whether or not it may assist you shed some weight.

The baked potato food regimen lasts three to 6 days and solely lets you ingest plain potatos. It might assist you to lose some weight but it surely´s draw back is that this can be very restrictive, lacks necessary vitamins, and should result in unhealthy manner of consuming.


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What Is The Baked Potato Weight-reduction plan?

The favored baked potato food regimen is claiming that will help you lose as much as one pound (0.45 kg) per day by ingesting nothing extra however plain potatoes for 3 to 6 days. This idea was first found in 1849 however discovered recognition once more when the creator Tim Steele printed “Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified” in 2016.

In his E-book, Tim Steele means that potatoes are the “strongest food regimen tablet ever seen”. He alleges they’re able to enhance your intestine well being, strengthen your immune system and supply many vitamins to maintain you highly effective and powerful whereas dropping pounds.

Others have taken this food regimen to a brand new degree of extremes – growing it´s recognition much more. The magician Penn Jillette for instance, printed “Presto!: How I revamped 100 kilos disappear”.

His Weight-reduction plan consisted of nothing extra however plain potatoes for the firsts 2 weeks, throughout which he misplaced 18 kilos (8 kilograms). Although there are much of critiques like this on the market, there aren’t any present scientific research which assist these claims.

The baked potato food regimen is a mono food regimen that guarantees fast weight reduction by consuming nothing however potatoes for 3 to 5 days. These claims haven’t been scientifically confirmed. In the event you search for a confirmed method to drop extra pounds, try “The Custom Keto Diet“.


Keto Diet


Who Used The Baked Potato Weight-reduction plan?

The baked potato food regimen motion revolved round Paleo Weight-reduction plan circles, with loads of Paleo bloggers giving critiques of the potato food regimen. Truly it is a departure from the standard focus of Paleo on consuming loads of meat. There even have been some distinguished potato dieters within the latest years. Here’s a checklist of essentially the most identified individuals within the potato food regimen world.


  • Australian native Andrew Taylor who ate solely potatoes for an entire 12 months. He misplaced 22 Kilos within the first month of his all-potato food regimen, over the course of the 12 months, his weight went from weighing 334.4 kilos (151.7 kg) to 218 kilos (99 kg). He claimed that he began this food regimen as a method to fight his meals addicition which was out-of-control meals. In response to him, he acquired 98% of his calories from potatoes and solely 2% from spices and seasonings and spices. He’s then went on to put in writing the  e-book referred to as DIY Spud Match to assist different potential long-term fellow potato dieters.


  • Outstanding and identified magician Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame) ignited a year-long, 100-pound weight reduction regime by solely consuming nothing extra however 5 potatoes  with out pores and skin a day for 2 weeks. He has misplaced 18 kilos throughout that interval of two-weeks. Afterwards, he modified to a “nutritarian food regimen” and misplaced round 100 kilos over the course of a 12 months. He additionally has written a e-book about his weight-loss journey, it’s named Presto! How I Made 100 Kilos Disappear and Different Magical Tales.


  • Chris Voigt, Potato Commissioner of  the Washington State, has spent 60 days consuming 20 potatoes each day in an try to show that potatoes are more healthy than society give them credit score for. He included just some salt, oil, and seasonings. Whereas his purpose wasn’t to drop extra pounds, he did lose 21 kilos and amazingly noticed different enhancements.


  • Tim Steele, creator of the potato hack, is one other distinguished potato food regimen determine. He claims that potato hacking helps the intestine by making microbiome life to grow to be extra energetic and that this may help with digestion. He has a whole weblog and a self-published e-book devoted to potato hacking.



Baked Potato Weight-reduction plan Guidelines

The baked potato food regimen doesn´t include much directions. Although much variations exist, Tim Steele outlines this seven elementary guidelines within the e-book he printed:


Rule 1. Eat solely plain, baked, steamed or boiled potato for weight reduction, for 3 to 6 days in a row.
Rule 2. As a standard rule, eat 2–5 kilos (0.9–2.3 kg) of potatoes each day.
Rule 3. You aren’t allowed to eat every other meals sources, together with sauces or toppings, similar to  butter, bitter cream, cheese or ketchup.
Rule 4. It´s okay to make use of Salt for those who completely should, however attempt to keep away from it, as a result of it retains water in your physique and fats cells.
Rule 5. If you’re have to obey your thirst, solely drink water, plain unsweetened tea, or black espresso. ( you need to use sweeteners with no calories )
Rule 6. Heavy exercise isn’t beneficial. As an alternative, persist with mild train similar to strolling or jogging.
Rule 7. Take your regular medicines as directed by your doctor.


These are the seven elementary guidelines to the potato food regimen in response to Tim Steele, however the principle rule stays to eat nothing however plain potatoes for 3 to 6 days in a row. Solely white potatoes are allowed in Steele’s model of the food regimen. Some choices embody White Russet, Yukon Gold, and purple potatoes. Different variations of the food regimen are extra lenient.

For instance, on the Spud Match Problem you’re allowed to eat candy potatoes  — a well-liked variation of the food regimen created by Creator Andrew Taylor. On this idea, minimal spices, herbs, and fat-free condiments are allowed as properly. Keep in mind that additionally the cooking technique issues. Overly processed or deep fried potato merchandise similar to potato chips or french fries are prohibited.


Can Potatoes Assist You Lose Weight?

There aren’t any research out there on the potato food regimen, however it might assist you to drop extra pounds just because it’s a low calorie food regimen. Analysis exhibits that diets that restricts calories doubtless result in weight reduction – so long as you possibly can adhere them.

Nevertheless, in our article on “How much weight can I lose in 3 weeks“, we made clear that there’s rather more to weight reduction than simply limiting calories. Extra necessary than that’s your hormonal state when weight-reduction plan. Take a look at the article to study extra.

Although 2-5 kilos of baked, cooked or steamed potatoes every day looks as if rather much, it solely comprises 530-1,300 calories per day – far lower than the typical grownup´s each day consumption suggestion.

Fascinating reality: Potatos comprise the compound proteinase inhibitor 2 which will may help in reducing starvation emotions by slowing down your digestion.

One stude for instance, discovered that mice handled with this compound present in potatoes, ate considerably much less meals and misplaced extra weight in comparison with mice which weren´t handled with the identical ingredient. Nevertheless, these effecets haven’t but been translated in human research.

This food regimen routine was created to inspire you to go even longer than 3 Weeks by offering quick outcomes. Analysis has proven that individuals who a very good quantity of weight in 3 weeks usually tend to persist with a food regimen in the long run.

Moreover, very calorie limiting diets have proven to decelerate the metabolism and reduce muscle mass. Muscle mass is essential for a excessive calorie burn impact, even in your resting state. When resorting to a “crash food regimen” just like the baked potato food regimen, you usually tend to acquire all of the misplaced weight again when returning to your regular consuming habits.


To summarize: The baked potato food regimen will doubtless trigger short-term weight reduction, because it supplies a really low each day calorie rely. These greens additionally comprise a compund that has proven to lower starvation, however understand that analysis on that is restricted.


baked potato diet


Different Advantages

You have got seen there are some causes to critize the baked potato food regimen, however that doesn´t imply this food regimen doesn´t include some potential advantages.

Although there are much of causes to criticize the potato food regimen, it does have some potential advantages:


  • Potatoes are excessive in vitamins. They’re an outstanding supply of many important minerals and nutritional vitamins, similar to vitamin C, potassium, iron and folate.


  • It’s simple to implement. Although this food regimen is restrictive, it’s pretty simple to implement. Merely persist with consuming plain, baked or steamed potatoes for 3 to 6 days.


  • It’s not costly. Potatoes are one of many most cost-effective pure and unprocessed meals out there, making the baked potato food regimen comparatively cheap.


  • Excessive in fiber. Analysis has proven that diets excessive in fiber diets can promote intestine well being and should play a job in stopping being obese, coronary heart illness, and kind 2 diabetes.


Regardless of these advantages, potatoes don’t present all of the vitamins wanted for optimum well being — there isn´t merely no single meals which may try this (eggs come near this but in addition lack Vitamin C to supply you a full spectrum). Potatoes lack calcium, zink and vitamin B12 – that are all important to keep up optimum well being (Supply).

Following a well-balanced food regimen plan like The Custom Keto Diet which embody quite much of vegatables and fruits, complete grains, wholesome fat, and lean protein is best to your general well being and promotes sustainable weight reduction.

Potatoes hold you saturated: Due to its unusually excessive satiety index. That means that folks really feel fuller for longer intervals of time after consuming potatoes than in comparison with many different meals. In the event you really feel extra saturated you received’t have to eat as usually. This may result in consuming fewer calories. Fewer calories equals going right into a caloric deficit and burn extra power than you take in.

You’ll get bored with potatoes: lastly, you’re going to get bored with potatoes, which may also trigger you to eat much less continuously and in much less amount. You received’t be stuffing your self with further calories when you find yourself already full since you’ll be bored of consuming potatoes. And also you received’t clearly need to do loads of snacking when your solely possibility is decreased to a boiled potato for weight reduction.


Potential Downsides

baked potato diet review

There are vital downsides In the event you depend on potatoes to your sole meals supply there are nonetheless some vital downsides. The next checklist elaborates on this: It’s Extraordinarily Restrictive!

The baked potato food regimen appears to be one of the restrictive diets on the market, which may make it very tough to comply with. What´s elevating extra concern is the truth that one of these restrictive food regimen could result in you creating an unhealthy relationship with meals.

In different phrases, restrictive weight-reduction plan like with the baked potato food regimen is a type of consuming dysfunction that may result in different unhealthy behaviours, similar to binge consuming and/or anorexia nervosa. This makes it very tough to comply with. Much more regarding, one of these strict weight-reduction plan could lead you to develop an unhealthy relationship with meals.



Different restrictive behaviours similar to skipping meals and fasting are additionally inspired on this food regimen. That is extremely pointless, because the food regimen is already very low in calories.

The Creator of “Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified” even recommend that when following this sort of food regimen to embrace starvation and solely give in for those who should, which, in our eyes, is a questionable assertion.

It doesnt supply sufficient Protein, Fats, and Different Important Vitamins

Potatoes can undoubtedly be a very good nutritious supply of an general balanced food regimen routine. Nevertheless, they merely fail to fulfill all of your nutrient wants. The key two components being fats and protein.

A medium sized potato comprises solely 4 grams of protein and barely any fats. Altough they supply a excessive quantity of sure nutritional vitamins and minerals – similar to vitamin C, potassium and iron – they’re low in important vitamins like vitamin A, calcium, and necessary B nutritional vitamins.

The Good Information is: For the reason that baked potato diets intention is to be adopted for 3 to 6 days, it isn’t doubtless you’ll develop a nutrient deficiency, however with all excessive mono diets we advise you to speak first to your physician and get a general well being verify earlier than beginning these form of diets. It isn’t inconceivable to danger creating a number of nutrient deficiencies for those who select to comply with a mono food regimen just like the baked potato food regimen in frequent bouts or for the long-term.


You’re in danger to Might Lose Muscle

Mono diets just like the baked potato are a well-liked selection as a result of they promise the consumer quick weight reduction. Nevertheless, lack of muscle often accompanies fats loss whereas weight-reduction plan – particularly once you drastically reduce down on calories.

One examine discovered that 18% of the load misplaced by check topics on a very-low-calorie food regimen, just like the baked potato food regimen, was from lean and metabolic energetic physique mass. These on a low calorie food regimen with 1,250 calories per day solely misplaced 8% of their weight from lean and metabolic energetic physique mass.

A number of research are indicating that consuming further protein can help in muscle loss whereas weight-reduction plan in excessive caloric restriction diets, which the baked potato food regimen lacks.


Most Probably you’ll Acquire Again the Weight

When following a food regimen plan very low in calories – such because the baked potato food regimen – your physique is in danger to adapt by slowing down its metabolic exercise which in flip helps you to burn fewer calories even at resting. Some research declare that this slowdown can persist for a few years – even long after ending these form of diets – which can make it onerous so that you can lose physique fats sooner or later, which isn´t a spot you completely doesn´t need to be.

The scientific time period is “adaptive thermogenesis” and may make it extraordinarily tough so that you can maintaing weight reduction in the long term. As a matter of reality, it is a main purpose why researchers estimate that over 80% of dieters return to their earlier state of weight over time. You’ll be able to have extra sustainable outcomes by following the Customized Keto Weight-reduction plan together with ExiPure, even with a small caloric deficit by optimizing your weight reduction hormones.

To summarize: For the reason that baked potato food regimen is extraordinarily restrictive, it may result in a unhealthy relationship with meals and may result in nutrient deficiencies, weight regain and muscle loss.


What you’re allowed to eat?

baked potato


Potatoes clearly, however they are often ready in a number of alternative ways together with:


  • boiled potato for weight reduction
  • backed potatoes
  • steamed potatoes
  • oven-baked, oil-free dwelling fries
  • oven-baked, oil-free hash browns
  • oven-baked, oil-free French fries


The one seasoning permitted is Salt on the most typical model of the food regimen. Nevertheless, there are different variations on the market that are permitting fats and sugar-free condiments and spices.  Moreover, hen and vegetable broth is utilized by some dieters to make mashed potatoes, mash the potatoes plain, or allow them to boil in broth.

You´re suggested to drink solely water, black espresso and plain unsweetened tea (you need to use calorie free sweeteners although) as drinks.

To summarize: Frequent white potatoes are allowed on the baked potato food regimen and might be ready in a number of methods. Persist with plain unsweetened tea, espresso and water when it’s good to drink.


What Meals Ought to Be Averted?

There’s a countless checklist of meals which ought to be prevented in any respect prices when following the baked potato food regimen. In spite of everything it’s a mono food regimen which permits just for one ingredient – Potatoes. Sure methods of preparating the potatoes ought to be prevented as properly – particularly any manner that includes frying in oil or overprocessed industrial potato dishes. Some examples of potato meals to be prevented are:


  • yams
  • candy potatoes
  • hash browns
  • tater tots
  • french fries
  • potato chips


If you’re not participating within the Spud Match Problem or any otehr associated variation of the food regimen, you’re allowed to eat solely plain, white potatoes, which implies no yams, cooking oils, candy potatoes, spices or condiments apart from salt, which ought to be used sparingly although.


Menu Concepts

Listed here are some concepts for a three-day pattern meal plan that’s compliant with the principles of the baked potato food regimen.


First Day

This meal instance plan for the primary day of the baked potato food regimen consists of 9 medium-sized potatoes (3 kilos or 1.4 kg) and supplies round 785 calories.
Breakfast: 2 water boiled or broth boiled potatoes and a cup of black espresso
Snack: 1 boiled potato, served mashed
Lunch: 2 boiled potatoes, served chilly
Snack: 1 Baked Potato, sliced
Dinner: Oven-baked French fries with out oil and a touch of salt


Second Day

This meal instance plan for the second day makes use of 12 medium-sized potatoes (4 kilos or 1.8 kgs) and supplies round 1,100 calories.
Breakfast: A cup of unsweetened grean tea with baked hash browns
Snack: 2 broth boiled potatoes
Lunch: 2 steamed potatoes seasoned with slightly little bit of salt
Snack: 2 oven baked potatoes
Dinner: 2 plain, air fried potatoes with out fats


Third Day

This meal instance plan for the third day makes use of 14 medium-sized potatoes (5 kilos or 2.3 kgs) and supplies roughly 1,200 calories.
Breakfast: Dwelling fries baked with a cup of lemon water
Snack: 3 steamed potatoes, served chilly
Lunch: 3 plain baked potatoes
Snack: 3 in broth boiled potatoes
Dinner: 3 air fried potatoes with a pinch of salt


To summarize: This meal instance plan makes use of 9–14 medium-sized potatoes every day. These could also be steamed, baked or boiled, and supply spherical a bout 780–1,200 calories each day.



On mono diets just like the baked potato food regimen, you’re restricted to eat solely plain potatoes for a brief period of time ( three to 6 days ). Claims point out it can lead to weight reduction, improve intestine well being and increase immunity.

Although it might can help you in your weight reduction efforts, there aren’t many research that are backing up this explicit food regimen and it´s long run results, it’s clearly fairly restrictive, and lacks sure necessary vitamins and may result in unhealthy consuming behaviors.

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