2 months of Intermittent Fasting Weigh In Body Fat

I reckon it's time for me to do an update for personal use and to let you guys know how intermittent fasting went for me. It is going really well to be honest. I'm still doing it but I might consider doing 5 days of fasting and 2 days of non fasting days now.


Other updates:

I didn't lose my period. I actually had my period in time and for the first time in a year, I didn't have unbearable period pain. I don't know if that's correlated to int fasting or not. I will have let you guys know more about that after a couple of months.

Also, I started ketogenic diet along with intermittent fasting 3 weeks ago because I wanted to see how I go with it. It is definitely not as easy as doing fasting alone. It is honestly quite challenging at first but i sticked through with it. Definitely don't recommend anyone to go into keto without doing some research and be prepared for it.

Also forgot to add in the macadamia nuts section to my what i eat section. I consume about 50g of nuts everyday to hit my fat intake. Mostly macadamia with almonds. Almonds is high in potassium and macadamia on the other hand has loads of fat content which is great for keto diet.


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